Oulu Comics Center, Oulu Comics Association and other matters related to the Society as Oulu Comics Center’s logo in either Finnish or English.

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Oulun Comics Festival 2021

Photo: Kari Korhonen, photo (c) Antti Hulkkonen

Photo: Peter Snejbjerg

Oulun Sarjakuvafestivaali logo ja kuvitus 2021 (JPG)

Director of Oulu Comics Center Harri FilppaOulun Sarjakuvakeskuksen toiminnanjohtaja Harri Filppa


oulucc_cap Oulu Comics Center’s values includes visuality, narrative and northern issues. Oulu Comics Center defines itself with slogan Capital of Northern Comics. Primarily Oulu Comics Center’s activities are directed towards the northern regions, Internationally. In addition Oulu Comics Center brand reflects the commitment of the activity and develop comic operation in the earth’s northern regions, and we want to build city of Oulu one of comic world’s frontrunner. Oulu Comics Center’s figure is stoat, which is also in Northern Ostrobothnia’s mammal.

Using the logo

The minimum size of the logo is always at least 20 mm wide. Protection zone of the logo is at least 25% of the width of the logo in each side. Logo should be stored in a horizontal direction, and must not be changed.