Oulu Comics Festival 1.-3.12.2017

At year 2017, Oulu Comics Festival was even more diverse. Festival main venues were located at Oulu Museum of Arts, Oulu City Library and Sarjasto. Also several other events were arranged inter alia at Oulu Comics Center.

Oulu Museum of Arts: Comics Effects -exhibition ensemble 2.12.2017-8.1.2018

Oulu Museum of Arts was fulfilled at comic-, illustration,- and conceptarts, when Oulu Comics Center produced an exhibition ensemble for Oulu Museum of Arts. This exhibition ensemble was a disclose for new openings. Comics and illustration arts are daily present on every Finlanders life. Comics strips on newspapers,  satirical cartoons commenting society and illustrated commercials makes us smile and sometimes irritated, but most of all they provoke guestions. Comics has act as an great impact on many artists careers. Starting on drawings at school notebooks sides, which later have took shape on published comic books. Comics Effects -exhibition ensemble showed up an comics effectively and its impacts of artists, and above all it strongly showed comics as one art form.  Expose exhibitions were:

  • Comics exhibition of JP Ahonen
  • Death did us part -Comics exhibition of  Harri Filppa
  • Comics exhibition of Kaisa Leka
  • Max Andersson‘s Comics exhibition
  • One comic page for every year in the history of independent Finland by 101 comic artists
  • Oulu Comic Centers Residence-artists exhibition 2.12.-10.12.2017
  • Oulu Artist Associations exhibition 12.12.2017-8.1.2018

Oulu Comic Center produced the Comics Effects exhibition in association with Museum and Science Center Luuppi, Sarjakuvantekijät ry, Finnish Comics Museum, Oulu Artists Associaton and Huutomerkki ry. Exhibitions opening ceremony was held 1.12.2017.


Oulu Comics Center launched three Comics Master Courses at 2017 Oulu Comics Festival. The courses were held by JP Ahonen, Kaisa and Cristoffer Leka and residency artist Amr Talaat. Read more here.


Comic Oasis

Comic Oasis was open 2.12. 11-18:30 in Oulu City Library. It offered the participants an great opportunity to find many different kind of comics. In numerous tables there were several independent artist, associations and companies selling comic books, prints and other materials. Read more about Comic Oasis…