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Oulu Comics Association’s publication history begins in 1980 when the association started to publish the Kupla comics. In 1984, the association published André Franquin’s Mustat Sivut, three editions were made all of which were sold out. Several international artist’s albums have been published since. After few decades of hiatus, the publishing activity has been started again. At the moment, we are concentrating on Finnish and Scandinavian comics.

20 sarjakuvantekijää ja 26 sarjakuvateosta – Sarjakuvia pohjoisesta Suomesta (2021)

Kalervo Palsa creates art in his own worlds and Keijo Ahlqvist draws the finalized versions of annual reports of Kemi city? The northern comics selection has been diversified significantly.

The guidebook to northern comics by Harri Filppa introduces 20 cartoonists and 26 cartoons from Homepäiväkirja by Lauri Ahtinen to Finnish Nightmares by Karoliina Korhonen. The result is a splendid source for comics suggestions and for a reader who is searching for new comics worlds. The book is entirely in comics form.

“Comics can be used to pass information concisely and tales to readers. The opportunities of tale-telling by illustrations and words can be utilized better year after year,” thanks the author who is working as the executive director of Oulu Comics Center.

From many commendable northern cartoonists, Keijo Ahlqvist, Lauri Ahtinen, Harri Filppa, Matti-Pekka Heikura, Jussi Hukkanen, Karoliina Korhonen, Ilpo Koskela, Aapo Kukko, Emilia Laatikainen, Jyrki Mäki, Sami Nyyssölä, Kalervo Palsa, Jii Roikonen, Riika Ruottinen, Mirjam Sumu, Anu Terho, Jari Terho, Petteri Tikkanen (Black Peider), Veli-Matti Ural and Juha Vuorma got selected to the book.

Read the articles of the book from the webpage of Oulu Comics Center…

Elävä kuva – ловъя серпасъяс (2021)

Tales from the life of ancient Finno-Ugric people are passed on from generation to generation. The legends of gods, spirits, wizards and history which are based on long-gone era, are resurrected via this book in comics form. The Elävä kuva – Ловъя серпасъяс bilingual comics book which covers the myths over national borders, is a cooperation of the young artists of the city of Syktyvkar of the Komi Republic and the students of the comics curriculum of the Liminka School of Art.

The book includes the artists: Kevin Kupari, Seela Viinikanoja, Lauri Oksanen, Minerva Asamäki, Tomi Nikula, Milja Valtonen, Kai Erkkilä, Jarkko Harakka, Anniina Heikkilä, Petri Junttari, Emilia Nurminen, Paavo Kauppinen, Anna Oikarinen, Vilma Indrén, Aliisa Lampi, Perttu Vehviläinen, Marina Borisova, Demid Testin and Natalia Sturtz

Edited by Tessa Astre, Mikko Jylhä and Тарачева Оля

Aarre – Treasure (2020)

Comics from the Oulu’s Nordic Comics Competition 2020.

In 2020, the Oulu Comics Competition looked for new comics based on the theme of comics for kids. The competition was open to all Nordic, Baltic and Scottish comic artists and also to artists currently living in those areas.

English translations are included.

List of the artists:
Heidi Lintula
Juliana Hyrri
Maryam Abuzaid-Ryu

In addition, the book contains comics from the comics competition for the children of North Ostrobothnia, organized in 2020.

Edited by Harri Filppa

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Sarjakuvapaja hyppysiin! – Sarjisopen oppimateriaali (2018)

Making of comics is not difficult. In fact, it is very easy and really fun! The comics teachers of Oulu Comics Center have organized club activities for more than five years. Based on the experience from those years, a book has been made: Sarjakuvapaja hyppysiin!

The study material of a comics teacher of Oulu Comics Center is targeted to everyone who is interested in teaching of comics. The book offers a wide spectrum of tools for the planning of comics clubs and courses, and for organizing workshops. In addition to different kinds of plans for workshops, varying situations and challenges that a comics teacher may encounter during their career are introduced. Of course, every challenge has a solution.

Authors: Veli-Matti Ural and Harri Filppa

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List of the artists:
Juliana Hyrri
Mikael Heikkanen
Cathrin Peterslund
Avi Heikkinen
Joni Ahonen
Iia Meriläinen

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Spiral – Syöksykierre (2016)

Oulu’s Nordic Comics Competition 2016 was themed ”Seventh art”. The competition was open to all comic artists and writers born or living in Nordic and Baltic countries.

From 27 competition entries, the Jury (Tessa Astre, Veli-Matti Ural and Mattias Elftorp) picked three winners and three honorable mentions, all of which are presented in this book.

The creators chosen to be included in the book present comics that approach “Seventh Art” from a variety of perspectives. Skilled drawing and coloring weren’t considered to be enough – the correlation to the “seventh art” in the manuscripts was also a huge part of the consideration of the works; as is appropriate for the artform of comics.

List of the artists:
Avi Heikkinen (Finland)
Dace Sietina (Latvia)
Mika Lahtonen (Finland)
Ella Eiranto (Finland)
Gon Rodher (Sweden)
Juliana Hyrri (Finland)

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Hunger of Horror – Kauhun nälkä (2015)

The theme of the 2015 Oulu Nordic Comics Competition was horror and an album was compiled of the winner’s works called Hunger of Horror.

The competition was open for all comic artists from Scandinavia and Baltic countries.

Over 60 works were submitted. Works came from Finland, Sweden, Norway, Denmark and Estonia. The amount of strip comics was low for the works were almost exclusively made in graphic novel format. The quality of the works were high and the horror theme was utilized comprehensively.

List of the artists:
Anders Vegh Blidlöv (Sweden)
Ida Eva Neverdahl (Norway)
Yossra El Said & Amanda Casanellas (Sweden)
Nicolas Križan (Sweden)
Vesa Vitikainen & Katja Louhio (Finland)
Sofie Louise Dam (Denmark)
Nelly Karlsson (Sweden)
Mattias Elftorp (Sweden)

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Longest Night – Pisin Yö (2014)

Previously held in Kemi and briefly held in Helsinki, the Nordic Comics Competition found it’s home in Oulu in 2014.

The theme was Kaamos (polar night). The competition was open for all comic artists from Scandinavia and Baltic countries.

The works in the book:
Lauri Mäkimurto: Persona non grata
Ida Eva Neverdahl: Polar Natt
Tapio Puhakka: Naisen kanssa sängyssä
Henri Gylander: Vintersolståndet
Sofia Falkenheim: Längsta natten
Nelly Karlsson: Polarnatt
Mikko Saarainen: Kaamos
Liisa Kruusmägi: Üksi

English translations are included.

Read more from the webpage of the competition…

Ruutukaava 2 (2013)

Ruutikaava 2 comics album is a collection of Ruutukaava comics published in 2012.

Aapo Kukko: Rikkaat herrat
Juha-Matti Kinnunen: Prinssi Vilperi
Matti Reijonen: the Oulu Gate
Tohtori K: Katvealue
Esko Heikkilä: Toteemieläin osa 1
Jenni Perttu: I Musta aika, II Musta hetki
Jaakko Leinonen: Hassu herra poliisisetä
Riika Ruottinen: It’s my party and I’ll cry if I want to
Reijo Valta: Porho
Johanna Salminen: Anonyymit superpahikset
Jussi Hukkanen & Raimo Tyyskä: API
Veli-Matti Ural: Yrmy
Anna Honkanen: Luonnonvastaista
Esa Holopainen: Kärsämäki, Säästöpossu
Harri Filppa: Manipulaatio
Marko Jatkola: Pikku-Bob

Johannes – poliittisesti epäkorrekti Mika Svensk (2012)

Comic artist and cartoonist Mika Svensk (1961-2009) was born in Oulu. He signed his comics and cartoons with the pseudonym Johannes.

Johannes was an independent defender of individual freedom. He wasn’t trying to be politically correct and he said and draw things as they were. Johannes – poliittisesti epäkorrekti Mika Svensk collects comics and cartoons from Svensk starting from 1980.

“Johannes – poliittisesti epäkorrekti Mika Svensk honours its subject. The compilation of works is rather comprehensive – although I was missing the Kipling story Kissa, joka kulki yksikseen – and the nature of the artist is portrayed with a great attention to detail.

– Sauli Pesonen. Selkeä ja pisteliäs Mika Svensk. Kaleva 11th of Dec 2012.
“A story about a police duo, Koura ja Näppi was my favorite, even though there isn’t any incorrectness in it.”

Edited by Reijo Valta and Harri Filppa

Ruutukaava (2011)

Ruutikaava  comics album is a collection of Ruutukaava comics published in 2011.

Mika Kolehmainen: Keikalla, Luvattu maa, Puoli Rikollista
Esko Heikkilä: Kaupunki X, Kirhavi rakastuu, Puuhatehtävä
Anna Honkanen: Polku
Tohtori K: Katvealue
Esa Holopainen: Aavaa preeriaa, Alku
Reijo Valta: Tohtori Ferris, Rusko, Nimetön
Aapo Kukko: Kippis, Unohtumaton ilta, Oma polku, Puoli rikollista
Esa Vengasaho: Kuru
Riika Ruottinen: Yhteinen asia, Laulu sikiämisen vaikeudesta
Harri Filppa: Puutarhatonttujen vapautusrintama, Punainen lanka, Akuuttia asiaa kaupunginjohtajalle

Marlene Hyyppä: Supersankareita, Oulussako? (2009)

Superheroes from Oulu are strange folk indeed. The only heroes who have real superpowers (Jii-man and Ultranainen) use them to split hairs. Cat Jasso uses the superpowers rarely and selfishly. Strong Girl trains her agility on the streets of the city, speaks in English and investigates the acts of some bakery. How about Superbiologi, then? One can be an environmentalist without animal friends!

But what is flying there on the rainy sky? Superman? Batman?!
Or was it a balloon?

Read the comic from

Oulu sarjakuvassa – sarjakuva Oulussa -exhibition catalogue (2005)

Not available

Charles Burns: El Borbah (1991)

JEE-ZUS CREEPING CHRIST ON A CRAWLING CROSS! Charles Burns (b. 1955) is a foster child of the American RAW magazine which first comics were published at the end of 70s in a self-published format. Burns describes his stories as horror stories which basis lies in phycological horror lurking in a human mind, rather than physical horror. Even more fascinating is the absurd humor in the comics. It culminates in the hero El-Borbah, the estranged modern-day masked man. Mexican super wrestlers (e.g. El Santo), a friend of Burns and performance artist Jim Borbah, and the detectives of detective and trash comics stories of 1950s are Borbah’s role models. However, the most surprising thing in Burns’ comics is a near-perfect drawing style – a meticulous use of lines and an unreal feeling of the characters. Yet he doesn’t exaggerate the pictorial clarity of the style, but sets first the progress of the story. What do El Borbah stories tell about? As Burns says himself: “They are only that which I grew up with – by watching awful movies and by reading lousy comics.”

Jose Munoz & Carlos Sampayo: Alack Sinner 2 (1990)

(Available in Turku Comics Store)

Jose Munoz & Carlos Sampayo: Alack Sinner 1 (1989)

Ei saatavilla

RUUVARI (1988-1995)

Ruuvari was a comic made in collaboration with Oulu University’s student union which was published in the years 1988-1995. 13 issues were published.

Makers of the comic were people known from Kupla comic: Ilpo Koskela, Mika Svensk and Läjä Äijälä along with new artists: Jaana Suorsa, Hannu Salmi and Reijo Mustonen. The magazine published occasionally foreign comics as well.

An article about Ruuvari has been published in the Ruutukaava magazine’s second issue( pages 24-33).

André Franquin: Mustat sivut, (1984; extra editions 1988, 1992)

Not Available

KUPLA (1980-1984)

The freshly established Oulu Comics Association started publishing in 1981. In three years, 12 issues of Kupla were published. The editor in chief for the four first issues was Ilpo Koskela and the rest of the time Arto Hukkanen. The 1980’s was the golden age of the magazines of comics associations, among these Kupla was one of the most valued. Besides publishing comics from Oulu’s comic artists, works from Mauri Kunnas and Jope Pitkänen were also published.