Comics Competition 2017

FOREWORD Oulu’s Nordic Comic Competition 2017 was themed “One hundred”. The competition was open to all comic artists and writers born and living in Nordic and Baltic Countries From numerous competition entries, the Jury (Veli-Matti Ural, Moritz Stetter and Hannele Richert) picked three winners and three honorable mentions, all of which are presented in this album. The artists chosen to be included in this comic album present comics that approach the theme “100” from various perspectives. The jury put a lot of emphasis on storytelling. Masterful drawing skills weren’t considered to be enough to take a top spot in the competition. In 2017 Finland celebrates it’s 100 years of independence. In many comics the theme 100 came to represent time and effort.

  1. PRIZE (2000 euros)

Juliana Hyrri

The Jury had no second thoughts of who the winner of the Oulu Nordic Comics Competition 2017 was. Juliana Hyrri’s story stood out from the rest with it’s unique and beautiful art and engaging storytelling. The natural dialogue and expressive art style really take the reader back in time. The warm feeling of summer and of childhood is excellently represented in the comic. Although he lighthearted tone becomes dead serious in a flick of an eye, the change comes naturally. From the perspective of a child Hyrri’s story is thrilling and even shocking at times. The theme of the competition has been included in the story quite cleverly.

2. PRIZE (1000 euros) Mikael Heikkanen The Judges had a hard time deciding who should take the number two spot. Evenually the honor was bestowed on Mikael Heikkanen and his story “The hundredth birthday”. Heikkanen’s story is a political satire. It doesn’t pull punches when criticizing the Finnish society and goverment. Artstyle of the comic is unique and quite pleasant looking. The warm colours contrast with the stonecold message. The unemployed protagonist’s problem-filled life story is mirrored to a life of a slave. The Comic is genuinely funny at times and sad at the same time. It really shows us the paradoxicality of our modern Finnish system.

3. PRIZE (500 euros) Cathrin Peterslund Peterslunds comic tells a tragic love story. The story is told from the perspective of the main character, a young woman, who falls in love with the town hero. The great use of close ups and different angles make the story even more engaging. The movement and shading in the panels are represented masterfully. The gorgeous artstyle is reminiscent of old photographs with it’s use of black, white and different shades of brown. With only few simple lines Peterslund has the ability to fill the characters facial expressions with a lot of feeling.


Avi Heikkinen

Joni Ahonen

Iia Meriläinen