Past festivals

From the year 2012 when it began, the annual Oulu Comics Festival has had numerous events in it’s history. Oulu Comics Festival has grown from a local comic book day arranged by a small band of friends to an internationally important event. Oulu Comics Festival is the largest annual comic book event held in the arctic region.

In the year 2020 the Festival will be arranged for the ninth time. Along side with the Oulu Comics Festival will be arranged the Arctic Comics Seminar which gathers comic book persons from all around the Scandinavia to discuss about a certain topic. The Nordic Comics Competition provides comic book artists once a every year with a chance to participate in a judged comic competition, in which the winners will be given prizes of money.

Oulu Comics Festival has always a Comic Oasis where visitors can find comics and even alternative comics. There are comic books, prints and other things on sale at the Comic Oasis on numerous tables, behind which you can find independent artists, companies and associations.

Oulu Comics Festivals main venues are Comics Library Sarjasto, Oulu City Library, Oulu Comics Center and Culture Centre Valve. Additional events and exhibitions are arranged annually in several venues. Oulu Comics Festival is organized in associations with Finnish and international operators. The Festival is Nordic. Welcome!