Oulu Comics Festival 6.-8.11.2014


The first Oulu Nordic Comics Competition winners were resolved at Oulu Comics Festival 2014. At the same time, the contention changed even more Nordic and international.

The festivals were held on Cultural Centre Valve, Oulu City Library and several other locations near Oulu city center. 2014 festivals farthest satellite point were in Muhos, at Cultural Center Koivu and Tähti.

Also the first Arctic Comic Seminar was organized during the festival 6.-7.-11.2014 at Cultural Centre Valve. Seminar gathered together plenty of cartoonists and people working among the comics all around Scandinavia.

Oulu Comics Festival 2014 showed up six outlasting-, and three pop up-exhibitions at Cultural Centre Valve. The main location of the festival formed the Oulu Comics Center, which opened at january 2014.

Several cartoonists from different countries (Finland, Sweden, Norway, Denmark) visited at Oulu Comics Festival 2014, including many nationwide notable artists; JP Ahonen (FIN), Jens K Styve (NOR), Petri Hiltunen (FIN), Josefin Svenske (SWE), Ville Hänninen (FIN), Petri Koikkalainen (FIN), Pauli Kallio (FIN), Thomas Thorhauge (DEN), Esa Niskanen (FIN), Leif Packalen (FIN), Maura Manninen (FIN), Yrtti Taivaloja (FIN), Niko Niva (Suomi), Aino Sutinen (FIN), Mari Ahokoivu (FIN), Lauri Ahtinen (FIN), Ville Ranta (FIN), Jii Roikonen (FIN) ja Allan Haverholm (SWE).

More information about 2014 festival can be found at https://www.oulucomics.com/14/

Oulu Comics Festival 2014 festival artist was  Mari Ahokoivu.