Exhibition application

Comics Gallery!’s exhibition applications We offer a showroom at Cultural Centre Valve at Oulu. The size of the space is 12 m2 and the length of the wall is 10 meters. In the vicinity of the gallery that is situated at Valve has approx. 25000 visitors annually.

You can apply an exhibition all year round. We are especially interested in exhibitions about comics and illustrations. The works should be suspendable. The exhibitor is responsible for the transportation of the works , hanging, and exhibition opening, poster materials and provide the possible exhibition invitations to Oulu Comics Center at the latest two weeks before opening day. If the exhibitor wants to insure the works, he/she can do that via their own insurance company or ask for an offer from Oulu Comics Center.

The exhibition period is ab five weeks. Hanging of the works should be done the day before the opening and removal at the last day. Hanging, removal and opening help can be asked from Oulu Comics Center. An opening event can be organized in collaboration with the Centre.

Address for the showroom: Cultural Centre Valve, Hallituskatu 7, 90100 Oulu. Contact us if you’re interested in organizing an exhibition at the Comics Gallery!

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Send your applications to: keskus(at)oulucomics.com or with traditional mail: Oulu Comics Center P.O. Box 42 90015 City of Oulu. The application should include at least the following information:

  • CV
  • Pictures of the works
  • Date request (Please note that exhibitions are mainly reserved for the current year)