Oulu Comics Festival 23.-25.11.2018

The seventh Oulu Comics Festival offered more than a hundred separate happenings to the audience to enjoy. Year 2018 festival program was consisted with lectures, workshops, seminars, exhibitions, master classes, music events and multiple other versatile activity’s. Two completely new event; Comics Pitching and Sprint Strip Finnish Championship 2018 were also launched at the festivals. The Main venues of Oulu Comics Festival 2018 were Oulu City Library, comics library Sarjasto, Cultural Center Valve and Oulu Comics Center.

Oulu Comics Festival 2018 festival artist was Tessa Astre.

Guest artists and speakers in festival were: Martin Ernstsen (Norway), Sigbjørn Lilleeng (Norway), Matti Elftorp (Sweden), Søren Mosdal (Denmark), Stine Spedsbjerg (Denmark), Cara Bean (USA), Mari Ahokoivu (Finland), Jarkko Vehniäinen (Finland), Marja Lappalainen (Finland), Pauli Kallio (Finland), Juho Sihvonen Finland), Veli-Matti Ural (Finland), Esa Niskanen (Finland), Sami Nyyssölä (Finland), Wolf Kankare (Finland), Ville Ranta (Finland), Lauri Ahtinen (Finland), Jussi Hukkanen (Finland), Tessa Astre (Finland), Aapo Kukko (Finland) and Avi Heikkinen (Finland).

Oulu Nordic Comics Competitions 2018

The fifth Oulu Nordic Comics Competition was themed “Light”, and it searched new cartoon-based light artworks. The competition was open to all comic artists and writers born and currently living in Nordic and Baltic Countries. The winners were selected by an international judging panel: Cara Bean (USA), Lauri Ahtinen (FIN) and Veli-Matti Ural (FIN).
The prized artworks were composed at an installation, which was published at the Oulu Comics Festival. The presentation was part of the Lumo Light Festival.

I Prize: Mirva Grönqvist: Se, jolla onni on / It, who has happiness
II Prize: Juliana Hyrri: Kipinä / Spark
III Prize: Laura Torvinen: Valo / Light
Honorary mention: Suvi Tirronen: Valohoito / Light Cure
Honorary mention: Apila Pepita: Kasurilan Peikko / Kasurila Troll

Master classes

Several Master Classes were held during the 2018 Oulu Comics Festival. Norwegian comic artist Sigbjørn Lilleeng organized a Master Class which put the focus on flow and readability on the page. During the festival week, a residence artist Cara Bean (USA) organized Master Class in Liminka School of Arts. Also, on sunday 25.11.2018 the audience took a look in the current state of Finnish comics research with Katja Kontturi (PhD, Contemporary Culture Studies), Jyrki Korpua (PhD, Literature) and Harri Filppa (MA, graphic design).

Comics Pitching

In 2018 Comics Pitching, ten national and foreign comic artist had an opportunity to introduce their ideas and projects to a jury, which consisted of representatives of numerous publishing houses.

The Sprint Strip Finnish Championship 2018

The Sprint Strip Finnish Championship was originally founded at Kemi Arctic Comics Festival and it was organised thirteen times during the years 2002-2012. In the year 2018, the Sprint Strip Finnish Championship was added first time in Oulu Comics Festival program, and it was co-organised with Kemi Comics Center and North Finnish cultural magazine Kaltio. The prizes for the winners were presented by Kaltio.

  • I Prize: Saara Holappa
  • II Prize: Jasmin Leinonen
  • III Prize: Keijjo Ahlqvist
  • Honorary mention: Markus Tuppurainen
  • Honorary mention: Taija Ruhanen

Comics Oasis

Comics Oasis was open 24th November from 11 am to 7 pm at the Oulu City Library. In present were 29 exhibitors, including Turku Comic Shop, publishers, independent artist, communities and zinemakers.