Comics Competition 2015

Oulu Nordic Comics Competition 2015

Year’s 2015, the competition was themed ”Horror”. The competition was open to all comic artists and writers born or living in Nordic and Baltic countries. An international board of professional comic artists refereed the contestants: Anneli Furmark, Petri Hiltunen and Jyrki Mäki.

The competition received over 60 entries from Finland, Sweden, Norway, Denmark and Estonia.  This year, the number of comic strips were quite minimal since the artists have focused more to longer stories. This book presents the eight best entries from the competition.

Quality of entries were high and comprehensive. Horror-themed elements were used diversely in different ways. The jury made their own favorite lists and the final results based on them. The jury’s top 3 was somewhat similar, but the establishment of honorary places was not so clear. Already mentioned high level of competition entries did not make the choice easy.

The jury extend their thanks to everyone who participated the competition.

1.PRIZE (2500e)

Anders Vegh Blidlöv (Sweden)

A story with skilful use of terror and surprising narrative. The reader has the feeling that something scary can happen at any time. Professionally implemented story in which all does not happen as you might think.

2. PRIZE (1000e)

Ida Eva Neverdahl (Norway)

Cleverly told story with themes of horror and fear across everyday life activities. The real life mix up with fantasy world seamlessly, making an oppressive atmosphere in which to comment on the apperiance orientations of modern days. The Colouring with few tones supports the visual narration.

3. PRIZE (500e)

Yossra El Said (Sweden)

A story that goes on smoothly and combines feelings of frozen forest and warm cottage: raising fear and the human touch. The horror theme clearly thought out carefully. The outcome is crowned by a living artwork.


Nicolas Križan (Sweden) Sofie Louise Dam (Denmark) Nelly Karlsson (Sweden) Mattias Elftorp (Sweden) Vesa Vitikainen & Katja Louhio (Finland)