Cultural Centre Valve

Cultural Centre Valve organizes diverse activities for both children and young people and their parents: clubs, workshops, festivals and other interesting happenings.

Involved in the activity are also Konstila, Valve film school and Valve school of literary arts for children.

Comics are part of the activity in Valve…

Valve houses a large group of operators from different cultural areas. Co operation with other art and culture organizations and societies and artists brings it’s own flavor to the Cultural Centre’s activity.

Cultural Centre Valve offers and improves operating conditions for art and cultural operators and offers space for event organizers. At Valve you can find many public and private operators who organize all kinds of activity and events for the public and clients: clubs, workshops, festivals, exhibitions and concerts and theater performances you can’t see elsewhere and loads of other interesting stuff.

Cultural Centre Valve also produces regional culture services and develops cultural activities in the neighbourhoods.

Valve spaces!

Cultural Centre Valve is a three story building, approx. 3500 square meters, which has spaces suitable for different kinds of activities and events. For example Konstila’s handcraft space, dance room, workshops, stage or conference room.

You can rent the spaces for private events and happenings or recreational activities for a short or longer period of time, for an hour or the whole year. Detailed information of the spaces and rental fees can be found in their corresponding sections.