Comics Competition 2018

Oulu Nordic Comics Competitions 2018

The fifth Oulu Nordic Comics Competition was themed “Light”, and it searched new cartoon-based light artworks. The competition was open to all comic artists and writers born and currently living in Nordic and Baltic Countries. The winners were selected by an international judging panel: Cara Bean (USA), Lauri Ahtinen (FIN) and Veli-Matti Ural (FIN). The prized artworks were composed at an installation, which was published at the Oulu Comics Festival. The presentation was part of the Lumo Light Festival.

  • I Prize: Mirva Grönqvist: Se, jolla onni on / It, who has happiness
  • II Prize: Juliana Hyrri: Kipinä / Spark
  • III Prize: Laura Torvinen: Valo / Light
  • Honorary mention: Suvi Tirronen: Valohoito / Light Cure
  • Honorary mention: Apila Pepita: Kasurilan Peikko / Kasurila Troll



Oulu Nordic Comics Competition is looking for new cartoon-based light artworks. The competition is open to all Nordic and Baltic comic artists and also to comic artists currently living in those countries. The winners will be selected by an international judging panel. The winner light artworks will be published during the Oulu Comics Festival 23rd November 2018 17:00


1. prize: 1000 euros 2. prize: 500 euros 3. prize: 250 euros + possible honorary mentions

Competition rules

The topic of the light artwork comics are free, and the comics can be both in colour an in BW. You can participate with either eight images or 60sec with video. The works have to be previously unpublished, including as webcomics or comics blogs. You can submit several stories to the competition. The light artwork must be made with aspect ratio of 16:9 (1920×1080 pixels for example). If your light artwork is comprised of illustrations (at least 8 pictures) you must send your participation works as JPG or TIFF -files. Alternativily you can participate with a video that includes comics storytelling in the amount of your own choosing. The aspect ration of your video must be 16:9 and should be saved in the form of mp4 or flv. All works must be made horizontally. The videos have to be silent. The comics can only be in the Nordic or Baltic languages, e.g. English can be used only for limited effect. For the benefit of the judging process, though, you should attach a basic English translation to your submission. The finished comics and their translations can be submitted either by email to the address or copied onto a CD-R/USB stick and mailed to: Oulu Comic Center Oulu Nordic Comics Competition P.O. Box 42 90015 City of Oulu Finland The submission deadline is 28th September 2018 o’clock 23:59 (Finnish time zone UTC + 2) (stamp date of the last submission day will suffice). If there is problems with email, inform us about it before the deadline. More information about the competition can be asked from our producer: veli-matti (at) The winners of the competition will be informed 12th October 2018. The winners must be able to edit their artworks if the technical presentation so requires.

Light artworks location and organizers

The prized artworks will be shown at an installation that will be published at the Oulu Comics Festival. The presentation will be part of the Lumo Light Festival. The light artwork presentation will be located at Saaristonkatu 22, Oulu, finland (Google maps link below). The Light artwork installation will be organized in collaboration with Coronaria.