Comics teaching

HOX! Due to the exceptional situation caused by coronavirus, our comics courses and workshops have been discontinued until the end of 2021. We apologize for the inconvenience…

Oulu Comics Center organizes Comic courses in the Northern Ostrobothnia, Kainuu and Lapland areas. Our teacher network, both local, national and international, consists of professionals of the comics industry. The Center organizes both open workshops, afternoon clubs and made to order course sets. Comics are a cheap and fun hobby.

We aim to improve our course and workshop activities in the future.

Comics teaching in the Oulu region is also provided by: The Liminka School of Art ja The Oulu School of Art (external link).

Comic courses on sale

Oulu Comics Center has actively arranged comic book workshops and -courses for all kinds of groups from kindergartens to elderly. Our comic book courses can be altered to suit our clients needs. There are also ready complete comic book courses in our course presentation. We can arrange comic book courses of any length wanted, from few hour comic book workshops to longer courses. Here are a few examples:

  • Inspiration comic book workshop. (1,5 hours, for children over 8 years old) – participants plan and design their own comicstrips with the use of ideacards
  • Educational comic book workshop (1,5 hours, for youngster over 12 years old) – Participants use comic books as a way to explore personal and social themes such as drugs, smoking, summer jobs, life situations and dating. The point of the workshop is not to lecture but to draw and interpretate personal points of view through comic book expression.
  • Board game workshop (2 hours 15 minutes, for classes 3-6) – Using the art of illustration and comics, the participants create a playable board game in small groups.
  • A Crime Detective Comic Book workshop (total 16 hours during 4 days, for children age 8 years and up) – A course where you learn basics of drawing comics and also detective skills. In this course you get to make up aliases for yourself, investigate crime scenes, track down a crooked trickster and do all sorts of fun stuff. Participation requires only good spirit, adventurous set of mind and appropriate clothing for outdoors activity.
  • Comics basics course (15 get together’s, 23 hours in total, for children over 8 years old) – The course can be held weekly. Each week the course will study a theme related to comic books. Most important is that everyone develops their own drawing process. For more information about comic courses and workshops please contact keskus(ät)

POP UP- Comics Centers

POP UP- Comics Centers main objective is to improve comic book awareness, develop literacy and create reading enthusiasm around comic books. POP UP -Comics Centers are enthusiastic and inspiring surroundings, which bring their participants into the world of comics as a hobby. POP UP -Comics Center includes for example:

  • a POP UP- comic exhibition
  • a HOP IN- comics workshop for the whole family
  • an arrangable amount of comic book workshops
  • a POP UP-comics library
  • Introductions of artists and/or lectures
  • other comic book related activity

POP UP- Comics Centers contents can be arranged to suit the customers needs. A POP UP-center can also include:

  • Education for teachers
  • Lectures for the library staff
  • Evening activity

To make the POP UP- comics center for your liking, please contact Oulu Comics Center and ask for different possibilities. Comic book workshops can also be arranged as singular 45 minutes or 1,5 hours long workshops for selected groups. The Client has to inform about the event locally and send the information concerning the workshops and other activity to the selected groups. Oulu Comics Centers staff will make the schedule for the day and arrange the big picture. All the materials and tools required in the workshops will be provided by the center. POP UP-Comics center activity began 2014. Oulu Comics Centers first POP UP- Comics Center was arranged in Tromsø Norway in October 2014. The event included an exhibition, comic book workshops, artist introductions, evening events and a comic center that was open in the Tromsø library during the whole event. Another international POP UP was held in Iceland in Reykjaviks city library in September 2016. National POP UP- activity has been arranged in Northen Ostrobothnia, Lapland and Kainuu. For more information, please contact: sarjakuvaoulu(at)