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At the Oulu Comics Center you can find the Turku Comics Store Oulu. At the Store we have about 2500 titles in Finnish and in English. Via the Turku Comic Store it’s possible to order comics to the Oulu Store spanning over 4000 titles of which about half is in English. The selection at the Turku Comic Store multiplies the amount of comics available in Oulu.

The Store has a policy to keep older titles in the selection as well as newest ones, although used titles are not in the stores selection. Our aim is to keep as comprehensive selection as possible including domestic and foreign comics.

Take a look at our wide selection at: At the site you can e.g. place an order for a title and pick it up from the store in Oulu.

Contact information:

Turku Comics Store
c/o Oulu Comics Center
Address: Hallituskatu 7
90100 OULU

e-mail: oulu(ät)

tel. +358-40-4626550