Kiži, Russia 2018

Screenshot_2019-03-18 Veli-Matti Ural ( velimattiural) • Instagram-kuvat ja -videot

Кижи 9.-12.6.2018

On 12th of June in Russia, the independence of the Russian federation is celebrated. To honor the national day, a three-day festival was organized from 10th to 12th of June on Kiži island in Lake Onega. At the festival, the cultures of three Karelian proto tribes (Karelians, Russians and Vepsians) were introduced to the visitors. Oulu Comics Center participated in the celebration in the form of a POP UP comics center. In Kiži, the representatives of Oulu Comics Center were producer Veli-Matti Ural and  executive director Harri Filppa. Comic artist from Oulu, Sami Nyyssölä, was accompanying them as the person in charge of social media and comics teaching.

POP UP comics center was up every day during the celebrations in the festival area. POP UP included a whole comics workshop for enthusiastic drawers, Vastarannan Siili exhibition in Russian, which was implemented by Filppa, and a sales table, where people could buy books and customized art byt the visiting comic artists.

In addition, an extra comics workshop was organized for elementary school kids who were participating in the Kiži-palette art camp. The workshop space was provided by the Kiži museum.

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