Oulu Comics Festival 5.-8.11.2015


In order, the fourth Oulu Comics Festival were held on 2015. That year Oulu Comics Festival received a National Art- and Culturefestivals fundings from Ministry of Education and Culture for first time. That funding allowed even more professional working and enlargen program.

New festival venue was located first time at Oulu Art Museum, where was showed comic-productions from Kalervo Palsa. Other locations, Cultural Centre Valve and Oulu City Library were familiar also from earlier festival years. Several other locations had exhibitions and sideline programs too.

At 2015, Oulu Comics Center started more wide collaboration with Bingo-Gallery when friday night comics-club were held on at Bingo. During the festivals, Bingo-Gallery also had Tiitu Takalos exhibition at their exhibition space.

An horror-themed exhibitions of  Kari A. Sihvonen and Juha Vuorma were shown at Valve Art Gallery. After all, the festivals showed up nine long-term, and five pop-up exhibitions. Bringing up more exhibitions and enlargen program create some problems for arranger organization. Almost 30 comics sellers took part of comic oasis, leading up the venue crowding and spreading out in multiple weird positions. Based on feedback conversations after festivals, the organization decided to rationalize the production more next year.

The Nordic Comics Competition 2015 theme was Horror”. The competition was attended by 60 factors from the Nordic and Baltic countries, and nine artist and teams were rewarded at Festival gala.

2015 Oulu Comics Festival received again many national and international guests and visitors:  https://www.oulucomics.com/15/people/

Arctic Comics Seminar 2015 -focused on teaching of comics and using comics as an education method, and how to apply comics in practice in different cultural institutions. Lectures were lead by professional cartoonists and teachers.

More information about fourth Oulu Comics Festivals can be found at: https://www.oulucomics.com/15/.

Oulu Comics Festival 2015 festival artist was Harri Filppa.