Tromssa, Norja 2014

Oulu Comics Center and Tromsø Bibliotek og byarkiv presents:


15.-18. October 2014 At Bibliotek og byarkiv (Grønnegata 94, Tromsø)

Wednesday from 17 to 19
Comics Centre opens up! Opening party (as soon as people from Oulu arrive safely to Tromsø!)
Thursday from 9 to 19
Comics Center open, workshops & artists presentations
Friday from 9 to 17
Comics Center open, workshops Drink and Draw at Café Circa 18 to 21
Saturday from 11 to 15
Comics Center open

Pop Up Comics Center includes all kinds of comics related activities, for kids and for adults. Come meet comics artists from Finland and Denmark, read comic books and hang out with the Oulu comics center!  All the happenings have free entry, although for the workshops you need to sign up beforehand. Join us in FACEBOOK Scroll down for more info! Or contact POSTER-web


Friday 17.10. from 18 to 21 at Café Circa (Erling Bangsunds plass, Tromsø) What does it mean? Drawing, drinking (what ever you prefer to drink), hanging out! The Pop Up crew invites you to join us in a relaxed evening. Everyone interested of comics are warmly welcome. Come, come all!


The Secret of The Yacca Tree – Best of the Nordic children’s comics competition 2013 jukkapalmu2What is the secret of the Yacca tree? Where did Mom disappear and where is the Little Chicken going? Can a fox teach an owl to fly?

The Nordic comics competition for children comics was held at the 28th Helsinki comics festival in 2013, and it was a continuum of the competition held before at Kemi Comics Festivals. The exhibition will showcase the best comics from the competition as prints. In 2014, the Nordic Comics Competition will be held in Oulu.

The exhibition will showcase the best comics from the 2013 Nordic comics competition as prints, and includes artists: Mari Ahokoivu, Jutta Kivilompolo, Verna Kuutti, Reetta Laitinen, Jonna Markkula, Maarika Martins, Akvilé Miseviciute, Elina Ovaskainen, Katri Sipiläinen, Luka Va and Anna Åhlén.


Professional comics artists talk about their work, making comics and comics scenes in their countries. 20 minutes presentations. Artists: Harri Filppa (FIN) Mari Ahokoivu (FIN) Søren Mosdal (DK)


The workshop introduces cartoons and simple board game pads.  The exercises made in this workshop are ment to support perceiving  and reading of visual images, as well as to develope of the use of pen. Above all, children can let their imagination and creativity to run wild. The aim of the workshop is that children create and illustrate a simple board game of their own in groups. The workshop includes practicing  of overall perception, cooperation and planning of  a project.

Harri Filppa is a Finnish cartoonist, illustrator and graphic designer. He is also the executive director of Oulu Comics Center. He makes cartoons on request, and one of his work “Degree in Brief” (Lyhyempi oppimäärä) is published in Ylkkäri, magazine of The Student Union of the University of Oulu. Target group: 9-12 year old Duration: 2 hours Teacher: Harri Filppa IDEA LIBRARY In Mari Ahokoivu’s workshop everyone will build an idea library with the help of quick drawing exercises. We do not draw polished comics, but focus on drawing out the ideas for later use. You don’t need any experience in drawing comics, you get to know the comics basics while drawing.  We will draw quickly, so take your favorite pencils with you and get ready! Idea-Library-WebMari Ahokoivu (b. 1984) is a Finnish Illustrator and comic artist. Ahokoivu draws comics for adults and for kids and has been published in Finland as well as abroad. She also teaches comics and has been active in the local comics societies, producing many comics related projects. Target group: 13 year old and older Duration: 2 hours Teacher: Mari Ahokoivu