Oulun Sarjakuvakeskuksen tapahtumakalenteriin on koottuna pohjoisen Suomen sarjakuvaan liittyviä tapahtumia.

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    POP UP -Comics Center – Iceland



    Oulu Comics Center builds up a POP UP Comics Center in Reykjavík City Library’s Comics Department between October 5 and 8. The action follows the POP UP Comics Center organized in Tromsø in 2014. The goal of POP UP Comics Centers is to rise up the knowledge of Nordic Comics and activate readers to find new Nordic Cartoonists and Comics.

    POP UP Comics Center Reykjavik is build up for four days. Oulu Comics Center brings along four Cartoonists, Mari Ahokoivu (Finland), Harri Filppa (Finland), Søren Mosdal (Denmark), Jens K Styve (Norway) to Iceland. POP UP Comics Center includes workshops, artist talks, lectures and a comic exhibition presenting the Oulu Nordic Comics Competition 2015 winner works with a topic Hunger of Horror. The exhibition is open at the Comics Department in Reykjavík City library between October 4 and 30. Welcome to the opening on Tuesday, October 4 at 5pm.

    Tuesday, October 4
    Opening of the Hunger of Horror Exhibition
    5pm Comics Department, City Library. Welcome!

    Wednesday, October 5
    12 hour comics Marathon
    between 10am-10pm at the Comics Department, City Library
    Build up your own 12 page comic book during 12 hours. 12 hour Comics Marathon is open for all to take part on the 12 hour challenge.

    3.30 pm Presentation: Oulu Comics Center

    4 pm Mari Ahokoivu: Nordic comics
    Comic artist Mari Ahokoivu talks about the differences and similarities of contemporary nordic comics and introduces interesting artists from Finland, Sweden, Norway and Denmark.
    Mari Ahokoivu is a Finnish comics artist. Ahokoivu has been studying comics in Finland, France and Sweden and her comics has been published in Finland and abroad. She also teaches comics and has been working with many Nordic comics projects. She is currently living in Denmark.

    5 pm Harri Filppa: Panel-to-panel transitions in sequential visualizations

    How panel-to-panel transitions works in sequential storytelling? Reading track called flow depends on the culture and language. Flow leads the reader panel after panel and page after page toward to the destination. Changes in the empty space between panels, allows the reader to think. What happens inside the flow and how panel-to-panel transitions can be categorized?

    Thursday October 6

    POP UP Comics Center and comics shop open from 12 noon to

    6 pm
    During the POP UP Comics Center organizes a non-stop HOP IN comic workshops for adults and children. In HOP IN workshops you can draw your own comic strip without signing in!
    At the afternoon Comics Centre organizes Artist Talks where each artist tells about their own artistic works and how did they became cartoonists! Welcome to ask questions and hear about the Nordic Comics.

    4 pm Artist Talk: Søren Mosdal (Denmark)
    Søren Mosdal is a Danish comic artist living in Helsinki. Søren has published books with Casterman, Amok and Hoochie Coochie in France, as well as Edition Moderne, Aben Maler and Fahrenheit in Switzerland and Denmark. His latest book is the english version of Erik The Red - King of Winter from Centrala. He has contributed to many anthologies and magazines across the continent.
    Søren recently won danish Ping Award for "best online comic of 2016" for viking mystery Nastrand - Beach of the Dead: https://zco.mx/SørenMosdal/NastrandBeachOfTheDead

    5 pm Artist Talk: Mari Ahokoivu (Finland)
    Mari Ahokoivu (b. 1984) is a Finnish Illustrator and comic artist. Ahokoivu draws comics for adults and childrens and her comics have been published in Finland as well as abroad.
    She also teaches comics and has been active in the local comics societies, producing many comics related projects. At the moment Ahokoivu is working with children’s comics as well as a graphic novel with support of North Ostrobothnia Regional Fund of Finnish Cultural Foundation.

    Friday October 7

    POP UP Comics Center and comics shop open from 12 noon to 6pm
    During the POP UP Comics Center there is HOP IN comic workshops for adults and children. In HOP IN workshops you can draw your own comic strip without signing in!

    3 pm Artist Talk: Jens K Styve (Norway)
    Jens K Styve is a writer, comics creator and illustrator working in far north, Tromsoe, Norway. After using computer as a tool for too many years, Jens fell in love again with the old fashioned work, offline and off screen. The craft of drawing with only ink, brushes and nibs, tools that are the same as a hundred years ago.
    The last year Jens has been focusing on his old passion for comics, enjoying the freedom of doing everything himself, and selfpublishing his own material.

    5 pm Artist Talk: Harri Filppa (Finland)
    Cartoonist, comics theorist and director of Oulu Comics Center MA Harri Filppa graduated in 2007 from the University of Lapland Faculty of Art and Design. In 2011, Kustannus HD published Filppa’s groundbreaking Master’s Thesis, designed as a comic book, Tiedettä ja sarjakuvaa ‒ Ruutujen kaupalla (“Science and Comics”). At the moment, Filppa is working on his doctoral dissertation focusing on the visual language of comics at the University of Lapland and making comic books. His next comic book Vastarannan Siili will be published 1st of November 2016.

    8 pm Drink and Draw event at the local pub! Welcome to meet Nordic Cartoonists and draw together!

    Saturday October 8

    POP UP Comics Center open from 1pm to 5 pm
    Character workshop for 8 to 12 years old
    At Nordic House 12.40-13.40
    Organized together with Moorland children literature festival.
    in English

    Come to create your own comics character with a Finnish comic artist Mari Ahokoivu. During the workshop we’ll draw a short comic using the character who we have just made up! No previous comics or drawing experience needed!

    POP UP Comics Center is supported by Nordisk Kulturfond.