Oulun Sarjakuvakeskuksen tapahtumakalenteriin on koottuna pohjoisen Suomen sarjakuvaan liittyviä tapahtumia.

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    Book release: Anssi Vieruaho & Sami Nyyssölä: 24 Days - A refugee's Journey

    13:15Main library, main stage (Kaarlenväylä 3)



    24_days_cover24 Days - A refugee's Journey (Pokuto, 2017) is a story about a 24-day journey from war-torn Iraq to refuge in Finland. It is a fusion of the personal accounts of several interviewed Iraqi refugees.

    The destinies of these people are astonishing: broken families, wrecked careers, the last twists of a thousand-year-old plotline. The stories capture life, death, hope and despair at their purest. However, there are sparks of love and laughter amidst all the darkness and uncertainty. 24 days – A Refugee’s Journey is an eye-opening depiction of the world we live in today.

    In an interview with the authors Sami Nyyssölä and Anssi Vieruaho.