Oulu Comics Association

Oulu Comics Association was established in 1980 and it’s function is to keep Oulu’s comics culture lively. Oulu Comics Association is an association for readers, artists and researchers and it wants to promote comics knowledge, critical reading and to strengthen the status of Northern Finland’s comics.


All who are interested in comics are welcome to the comics meetings and reading groups which are organized the first thursday of every month (reading groups are on break at the moment).

Oulu Comics Association keeps actively in contact with The Finnish Comics Association and other comics associations and comic artists.

Articles about Oulu Comics Association and  Oulu’s comic scene are published in the Ruutukaava e-zine.

Oulu Comics Association runs the Oulu Comics Center at the Cultural Centre Valve and organizes annually the Oulu Comics Festival. It also organizes course and workshop activities, galleries and other smaller and larger activities.


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Join the Association

Oulu Comics Association’s membership fee for the year 2016 is 10 euros. The fee for supporting members is 100 euros. You can join by paying the membership fee at the Oulu Comics Center or by paying the fee to the association’s account: Oulun sarjakuvaseura, FI67 5744 7720 0583 17, OKOYFIHH. Message: Name of the joining member. When paying to the account, please send an email to keskus(at)oulucomics.com, containing your name, email and phone number so we know you joined. The membership card will be posted in two weeks time from the payment. When paying at the Center, you get the membership card right away. Please keep your contact information updated. (keskus(at)oulucomics.com

Oulu Comics Association

The board for 2019:
Mikko Rautiainen (chairman)
Tessa Astre
Anneli Moilanen
Aapo Kukko


Chairmen through times

1980-2006 Pentti Nuortimo (officially)
1984-2006 Ilpo Koskela (in practice)
2007 Mari Ahokoivu
2008-2014 Harri Filppa
2014 Anssi Vieruaho
2015-2016 Paavo Heinonen
2017-2018 Jyrki Korpua
2019- Mikko Rautiainen

Editors in chief

n:o 1-4: Ilpo Koskela
n:o 5-10b: Arto Hukkanen
n:o 11-12: Arto Hukkanen and Ilpo Koskela
n:o 1-3: Olli Kangas
n:o 4-6 ja 8: Erkki Hiltunen
n:o 7 ja 9-11: Osmo Luostarinen
n:o 12: Aslak Aikio
n:o 1-: Harri Filppa