Ruutukaava -webzine

Ruutukaava (grid pattern) is a free webzine published by Oulu Comics Associaton. The name refers both to comics and Oulu city’s city plan which is shaped like a classic grid pattern. Ruutukaava publishes a wide range of comics and articles dealing with comics. You can read it here.


Instructions for the makers

Ruutukaava is published by Oulu Comics association and its basis is to offer a channel for comic artists and enthusiasts to publish their work online where their work can be reached nationally. Anyone can offer their work to be published whether they are from Finland or from anywhere in the world.

We intend to keep the publishing threshold low so that the webzine’s contents could be as diverse as possible. We ask the makers to consider the following when submitting their work:

The checklist:

  • RELEASE: Ruutukaava is released four times a year (in February, May, August and November)
  • LANGUAGE: Please submit a translation if the comic is not in Finnish
  • COLOURS: Anything goes
  • WORK DETAILS: Attach your name/pseudonym and the title of your comic to the message.
  • SUBMITTING YOUR MATERIAL: We accept comics only via email or via download links. Send tour comics at the latest in the end of the month preceding publishing month.
  • RECOMMENDATION: We recommend you send your material in A5 size, 150dpi in best quality jpg or in tiff format.
  • ADDITIONAL INFORMATION: Additional information can be asked from the editor in chief Harri Filppa: harri(at)

We are looking forward to get your works.