Comic courses on demand

Comic book courses and workshops are designed towards comic book amateurs as well as comic book professionals. You can sign up for the courses via our website. For more information, please contact us through e-mail: keskus(at)

More information about signing up and the courses

Course participation can be canceled 2 weeks before the start of the course. After that you must pay a 20 euro cancelling-fee. In courses aimed towards children the course tutors have a right and an obligation to contact the childrens parents or guardians in case of any problems so that a sade and peaceful working enviroment for the participants can be preserved. Children must be picked up after the workshop. During the workshops the children are their parents’ responsibility. Neither the teachers or the house are responsible for the childrens care. The adult courses are available mostly for everybody 15 years old and up. Age recomendations for childrens comic courses can be negotiable regarding the situation. So contact the course teacher if need be.

Course discounts

Members of the Oulu Comic Society are entitled for the discount price that has been informed within the courses info. In the courses aimed for children there is a siblingdiscount that is 25% from the original price ( first sibling pays the original price, others get a 25% discount). Groupdiscount is given to groups of atleast 5 people. The discount is 20% of the full price for all groupmembers each.