Oulu Comics Center

Oulu Comics Center is the multipurpose center of Northern comics community. The basis of the Center is to increase comics knowledge and to bring forth both the comics and the makers. The Center is located at the Cultural Centre Valve in Hallituskatu 7 in Oulu. In Oulu Comics Center you can find:

@ Comics Gallery!…

Event Information:

  • Fri
    10:00 - 20:00Sarjakuvagalleria! | Comics Gallery!, Hallituskatu 7, Oulu

    Näyttelyaikaa jatkettu 18.3. saakka koronaepidemian vuoksi. Sarjakuvagalleria!

    Oulun Pohjoismaisen Sarjakuvakilpailun vuoden 2020 teemana oli lastensarjakuva. Kilpailun tulokset ratkeavat Oulun Sarjakuvafestivaalilla. Näyttelyinformaatio julkaistaan kilpailun palkintojenjaon yhteydessä.

    Aarre-Treasure: The Oulu Nordic Comics Competition 2020 exhibition.

    The Nordic Comics Competition 2020 theme  was comics for kids. The winners of a competition 2020 will be announced at Oulu Comics Festival. Exhibition information will be announced at same time.

New ideas are welcome and use of your own imagination is encouraged. The Center organizes course activity such as after-school courses and custom made courses tailored for your needs. Oulu Comics Center also offers weekly workshops for kids and teens at the comics class in Cultural Centre Valve. The Oulu Comics Center has an excellent comics teacher’s network and the course activity is done in cooperation with national networks which includes The Finnish Comics Society and Turku Comics Society. The Center acts as the central hub for the Oulu Comics Festival and several other events. The Comics Gallery! at the Center is an open for all application based gallery space and it is located near the Valve Gallery and Northern Photographic Center’s gallery. The space has approximately 25000 visitors annually.

A comics archive is being collected at the Center where you can also buy local small press and other finnish comics organization’s publications. The Oulu Comics Center is managed by Oulu Comics Society, based in 1980.