Oulu Comics Festival 17.11.2012

The history of  Oulu Comics festival stems from year 2012, when the festival was organisized first time. Back in those days, festival was mainly a meeting spot for a local comichobbyist and -professionals.

Cartoonists and backgroundworkers who performed at this event were: Juhani TolvanenMilla Paloniemi,

Valvegallery introduced two comic exhibitions. First space showed an exhibition called Sarjakuvan Sanomaa, composed by Helsingin Sanomat and ilta-Sanomat. Second space showed artworks from cartoonists who during the years,  have had an impact on Oulu region.

Along in this exhibition were: Keijo Ahlqvist, Mari Ahokoivu, Lauri Ahtinen, Harri Filppa, Esa Holopainen, Jussi Hukkanen,  Mika Kolehmainen, Ilpo Koskela, Aapo Kukko, Reijo Kärkkäinen, Jyrki Mäki, Pentti Nuortimo, Pentti Otsamo, Jii Roikonen and Jari Terho. Koneen Säätiö allowed the first Oulu Comics Festival by admitting fundings for a brave opening.

Almost like an miracle, the original web-pages of Oulu Comics Festival 2012 can still be found in here: http://www.oulucomics.com/12/

Oulu Comics Festival 2012 festival artist was Aapo Kukko.