Oulu Comics Festival 23.-25.11.2018

The Main venues of Oulu Comics Festival 2018 are Oulu City Library (Kaarlenväylä 3), Cultural Center Valve (Hallituskatu 7) and Oulu Comics Center (at Valve) Check out the Festival Program!! 

Oulu Comics Festival 2018.

Master classes

Again in 2018 Oulu Comics Festival organizes master classes for everyone interested in learning from the professional artists of comics industry. This year the classes are free of charge More info about the Master Classes…

Comics Pitching

Comics pitching is held at the Movie theater Studio which you can find at Cultural Center Valve (Hallituskatu 7). At the pitching independent artists have the opportunity to present their projects to an international jury which consists of representatives of comic book publishing houses. More info about Comics Pitching…

Comics Oasis

Comics Oasis is open 24th November from 11 am to 7 pm at the Oulu City Library (Kaarlenväylä 3). At the Oasis you can find comics, prints and other products sold by independent artists and communities. More info about Comics Oasis…