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    Fun Zines: Short history of small press publishing in Finland

    11:40Studio, Cultural Centre Valve


    Vesa Kataisto
    Editor, Finland

    The Fanzine culture started in the beginning of last century. Small pamphlets were done as propaganda or correspondence between people with similar interests. First zines were political or religious, later especially friends of science fiction started doing their literary fanzines with short stories and interviews with authors. Then came film, music and comic fans, spreading information about things that were ”too small” for the mainstream media. Many anonymous artists became known via fans and fanzines, Carl Barks for example.
    In Finland especially years 1975 – 1985 were golden times for zines. Feels like everybody and their friends were doing small magazines. Photocopiers had developed to the level where anyone could afford to do an own zine. So we got Pahkasika, Suuri Kurpitsa, Nalleposti, Zärpä, Hilse, Noniin… and hundreds of other little zines that surfaced for a moment and then dived again under ground. Some writers and artists disappeared forever, some became professionals and even legends – because of the fanzines.

    Vesa Kataisto works as an editor at Arctic Banana publishing company. He is a member of the board of Finnish Comics society.


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